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It happens to the best of us. We close the car door. And the sinking realization that our keys are still inside hits like a ton of bricks. Before panic sets in, you must know there are tried-and-true methods for opening a locked vehicle door without your keys. But the question is how to open a locked vehicle door without causing any damage, using traditional and cutting-edge ways? To get an idea, take time to read the following.

How To Open A Locked Vehicle Door in Bronx, NY

Check Spare Keys

Before starting any DIY project, ensure you have a spare key. Whether in a secret spot in your car or with a friend or family member, having a spare key is the fastest and easiest solution. So, don’t forget to check your spare keys at home. If you can’t find anything, call professionals to help you. You will need a lockout service.

Use Coat Hanger

A coat hanger is a reliable, time-tested product that is always in style. Place the tool between the window and the weather stripping and try to hook the lock mechanism. Move the tool gently until you feel it catch, then lift the door slowly to unlock it. If you are having a hard time, it is necessary to call professionals to help you.

Use an Air Wedge

Use an air wedge or balloon to make a small space between the door and the frame. Once sufficient space has been created, physically unlock the door by reaching inside and using a long object, such as a coat hanger or rod. But, you must be gentle when using the air wedge and tool to prevent damaging the window or door.

How To Open A Locked Vehicle Door in Bronx, NY

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